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Or if you have an antique toy truck for sale email us with a description and photograph. Antique toy
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Seeking dump trucks manufactured by Buddy L, Sturditoy, Keystone and steelcraft Contact us with all your
old toy trucks Presently buying all size dump trucks including 1920's early Keystone toy dump truck,
Sturditoy dump truck, Steelcraft dump truck and all size Buddy L dump trucks including the Buddy L Flivver
dump truck and
Buddy L "A" frame dump truck.  We're the country's leading authority on Keystone antique
toy airplanes and Japanese space toys
Sturditoy trucks including the rare black and orange Sturditoy coal
truck. The
Buddy L Museum houses the world's collection of antique toy cars and vintage Buddy L toys than
any other museum in the country Buying rare Japanese space toys, robots, space ships, rocket ships and
more. Your
old toy truck could be worth a small fortune.   E-Mail pictures of your antique Buddy L dump truck
Buddy L Coal Truck for sale. Buying Sturditoy, Keystone, Buddy L, Kingsbury toys, Kelmet dump trucks
Buddy L Toy Museum is the world's largest buyer of Sturditoy Trucks, Sturditoy catalogs related Sturditoy
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Sturditoy toys regardless of condition Presently paying up to six thousand dollars for any Sturditoy
dump truck or Sturditoy coal truck in mint condition For other Sturditoy prices contact us for more details
We're also the country's leading buyer of Buddy L Toys,
Buddy L Trucks and Buddy L Steam Shovels If
you have an antique Keystone  toy steam shovel for sale or entire set of
Buddy L toy trains email pictures
depicting paint condition Free space toy appraisals Buying
Kingsbury Toys, Karl Bub Tin Cars and more
Your old toy truck or Buddy L Steam Shovel could be worth thousands of dollars. If you need advice
selling your
Buddy L toys contact us for free evaluation.   Buddy L Toy Museum is the most prestigious
name in pressed steel toys and dedicated to the art of pressed steel toy collecting since 1968.   
Furthermore the
Buddy L Museum is the world's foremost authority on Keystone toy trucks, Buddy L toys,
antique toy trucks, cars, robots,
Buddy L trains manufactured in the North America. E-mail pictures of all
your pressed steel toys to: Or if you need an insurance appraisal email
pictures, we'll respond back in 24 hours.  All inquires kept confidential. Buying
Karl Bub Tin Cars
To view photos of your favorite Buddy L toys and old Buddy L trucks click any of the highlighted links
located on this page If shipping a toy to the
Buddy L Museum be sure it's well protected by wrapping it
in a soft cotton sheet Once shipped please forward the tracking number when available. If you'd like a
free estimate of your rare vintage antique
Buddy L toys, Buddy L trains or Buddy L trucks email 1
photograph of each toy along with a return phone number. Contact the
Buddy L Toy Museum with your
Buddy L toys for sale Buddy L Toy Museum would like to purchase antique toy cars & trucks
manufactured by Hubley & Arcade Buying rare vintage space toys, Buddy L trucks, Keystone toy dump
trucks, keystone steam shovels, tin toy robots made in Japan & Sturditoy dump trucks Buddy L toys
Several issues of the Buddy L dump truck was manufactured during the heyday of the Buddy L factory
however it's safe to say the most desirable of all
Buddy L trucks is the 1931 Buddy l dump truck sporting
nickel plated headlights and dual rear wheels. If you own this dump truck contact us for our generous offer
Buying vintage space toys, rare tin toy robots, space ships free appraisals We're the nation's largest
buyer of antique toy trucks, cars and antique toy airplanes made in America before world war two.
Regardless of whether you have one antique toy truck or an entire collection of antique toy trucks for sale
contact us for a free confidential appraisal.  Looking to buy antique toy cars produced from 1901-1945.

Kingsbury Toy Truck
 Send inquiries to Free Appraisals Highest Prices Paid
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Free Appraisals  Buddy L Museum
paying 55% - 85% more than eBay,
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Buddy L, Keystone,
Sturditoy, Steelcraft and more. trucks,
steam shovels manufactured in the U.
S. A. Free antique toy appraisals
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